Fly with us | instruction

We offer everything from aerobatics, helicopter and sightseeing flights to training and instructions.

1. Aerobatics on Jak 52

Take a seat in the cocpit of a Russian Jakovlev 52 and enjoy the endless width of the sky and the freedom of three angles.

2. Your first own flight on Jak 52

After a theoretical instruction and assisted by an experienced pilot you take over the control stick and navigate the Jak 52 yourself. Mastering 360 horse power you will really feel like a pilot.

3. Instruction on Jak 12, Jak 18T, Jak 52, AN - 2 oder Wilga 35

If you own a valid license you can fly one of these aircrafts. You will be given an extensive instruction by experienced German or Russian flight teachers.

4. Formation instruction and training flights

You will be theoretically and practically introduced to the art of formation flights.

5. Sightseeing flights on Jak 52, Jak 12, Wilga 35 or the legendary helicopter Bell 47

If you want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, to see your home or to take pictures, you can also boo a sightseeing flight with an airplane or a helicopter.

How ? | Where ? | When ?

Please contact us for appointments and further information. You can also fly with us at several airport events and air shows. Please look at Air Show dates. Our guest flights start at Rerik Zweedorf | EDCR (at the Baltic Sea near Rostock) and Merseburg | EDAM (near Leipzig). We can fly you at any time - assumed that there are good weather conditions.




Jak 52 (pilot + 1 guest) 20 min 150,00 Euro
30 min 210,00 Euro
60 min 400,00 Euro
Jak 12 / Wilga (pilot + 3 guests) 20 min 100,00 Euro
30 min 150,00 Euro
60 min 280,00 Euro
Z 37 A 20 min 150,00 Euro
30 min 210,00 Euro
60 min 400,00 Euro
Bell 47 (pilot + 2 guests) 20 min 170,00 Euro
30 min 250,00 Euro
60 min 480,00 Euro
Bell 47 Floot (pilot + 2 guests) 20 min 200,00 Euro
30 min 300,00 Euro
60 min 600,00 Euro
sky diving (tandem) 200,00 Euro
your sky diving video 80,00 Euro

Are you looking for an idea for a present for a birthday, christmas, easter, graduation, wedding, divorce or something like that?

You can also get vouchers for all flights and jumps.